This is how I orient myself.

To this universe, I confess I believe myself of it. Despite my ever-failing attempts to justify a belief in any existence outside of my own mind, I resign to hold that some things are real, independent of my consciousness. Whether I submit to this out of defeat or convenience, I shan’t admit to either. I fear it, for the vastness of somethingness astounds and horrifies me.

... I am human, and we are yet alone.

Kinedim Cover

What does it mean to be human? In our distant and lonely future, when the extracted talk instantly between the stars yet take thousands of years to reach them, two tortured outcasts dare to challenge the central truth of their time. Greigh is an old man, a recluse driven mad by despair. Kinedim is a curious child with a will all her own. As society tries to destroy them, can they find peace for themselves, and in doing so might they challenge our ideas of what it means to exist, forever?